David Crabtree

Dave Crabtree

David Crabtree was one of the main protagonists on the TV seriesMy Mother The Car. He was portrayed by american actor Jerry Van Dyke.


David Crabtree is a loving father, who has a goofy, fun loving personality, and he always likes to be honest. He is a humble man who cares for his family and his Mother. He wanted to tell Barbara the truth about Mother, but when he tried, she didnt believe him and thought he was crazy, to which he replied that it really was a lousy joke (which it wasn't).


David Crabtree is an attorney at law. He is the son of Gladys Crabtree, otherwise known as Mother. He is also the wife of Barbara Crabtree. He is the father of Cindy Crabtree and Randy Crabtree. He found Mother at a used car lot and bought her instead of the stationwagon his wife told him to buy.

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